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Like a regular accelerator, our Limesoft startup program helps startups scale and grow. However, unlike typical accelerators, we do not invest funds in your startup. Instead, we rely on our experts and partners delivering consultancy and assurance over your products. We provide unique products for startups and small businesses considering their purpose and philosophy. Our goal is to equip you with the best possible IT and cloud infrastructure to accelerate your growth.

Working with some of the Internet's leading cloud providers, we can offer public and private cloud products, hybrid hosting and dedicated server solutions in over 100 countries. We also offer domain name registration, telephony services and internet access to our customers to get you started.

  • Scalable
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Layers of security

This ambition is reflected through each of our solutions, and we are creating a trusted environment where everyone can innovate.

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We do offer a wide range Services

All our services are tailored around your company's specific objectives, budget, and resources. We can also train your specialised managers or teams on different aspects such as:

IT Infrastructure

Assist in developing a secure and scalable digital environment to cater for your needs.

Marketing and Brand

Identify the gaps by auditing your current marketing efforts and define the vision, mission & unique value proposition for your company.


Helping you identify gaps in your existing workforce and to hire exceptional talent.


With over 500 partners globally, we can help scale your startup through working with the appropriate partners in our networks.